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Delivery with my requests, ask anything in your mind from all of Iraq’s restaurants and your order will bring you quickly to any place you want.

The best of Iraqi cuisine, you will reach the door of your home, kozi, grills, biryani, dolma, grilled chicken and western dishes such as hamburger, Iraqi meat, bridal types, scallops and pizza. Order it online now and you will get hot from the oven.

Shawkat connects you? span 99% of our requests take an hour and reach you, and of course if the restaurant is close to arrival, it will be faster, but they depend on crowds and control times 😉 How do you pay? Of course, my requests bear any additional sum on the total

Available inside the application, all seafood and river food through distinctive restaurants offering fried fish dishes, shrimp, your fisherman’s bait, and the Iraqi flavor, all this and more, through my application you choose and bend, we only carry the application, and the rest is upon us.

And if you like, surprise your loved ones and your friends
A distinctive and beautiful flower bouquet of my orders
The topic facilitated the joy of your loved ones
With the push of a button, just download the application

It also saved you the application of my requests Department of the market, which includes detergents and baby supplies and masks ....What did the application put too?

And my request provided you with a special section for fruits and vegetables and a special section for meat only, all you need is the request .... ask and be pampered

And if you have an occasion to smoke, because my requests provided you with a confectionery department, all kinds of cakes, the best types of baklava and ice cream, and everything you need from food supplies such as kibbeh, bork and meat in a dough

To be disheartened .... talabatey is the choice

And because you are dear to us and your requests apply the wallet feature with this wallet inside the application, you will get a balance that will be given as a gift from my requests for holidays and occasions and when winning competitions or a discount that will make you request or when you share the application with friends, when you share the application with a relative or a friend and This person will make an order 3000 dinars Directly to your portfolio just download the application and share it with others and enjoy all the features

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