About us

Talabati Company is the largest Iraqi company to order and deliver food via the internet in addition to other delivery services that the company added to the application in an effort to provide all that the citizen needs while he is at home or at work. Talabati Company is the first company that has been able and worthily to cover with its distinguished services all the provinces of the great Iraq with cadres and purely Iraqi efforts, praise be to God. Talabati company was founded in 2016 and during these years witnessed a great development in service and a very large increase in the number of employees to cover this growth

Talabati also included a large fleet of bicycles and cars drivers who were keen on delivering and providing services in light of all the crises and another team of programmers and developers who were able, and with tremendous efforts, to make each section of my requests departments a project in itself that manages itself and this is what encouraged us to Evolution opened more departments and expanded the service inside and outside Iraq

Talabatey is a dream, goal, ambition and joy
It is a dream of a group of Iraqi youth
And a goal they managed to reach, praise be to God.
And ambition to provide greater service to society
And the joy of success and providing job opportunities for young people